HRH Prince Charles test rides the Ivy electric bike

Following an invitation to attend the launch of this year’s START and Bridgestone Eco-Rally at Clarence House, hosted by HRH The Prince of Wales, Spencer Ivy Director, Va Hua obliged, taking with him ‘Ivy’, the unisex step-through version of Spencer Ivy Electric Bicycles.

HRH Prince Charles on a Spencer Ivy Electric Bicycle. Photo: Arthur Edwards

Hua arrived at the event on Ivy, in his lounge suit (as per invitation guidelines), sweat-free, to show His Royal Highness that Spencer Ivy electric bicycles truly are the perfect way to commute.

The Prince made his way around the gardens, inspecting the eco-vehicles and sustainable garden displays.  He paid particular attention to Ivy.  He admired her low step-through frame, tan leather Brooks saddle and matching handlebar grips and wanted to find out what this electric vehicle was capable of.  After quick instructions from Hua, the gravel path was cleared of VIP guests and off he shot, even going off-piste onto his royal lawn.

A fantastic and enjoyable moment for the Prince and all spectators, most of all Ivy, having a Royal bottom perched on her!

HRH Prince Charles on a Spencer Ivy Electric Bike. Photo: Arthur Edwards

"The Prince of Wheels"

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